Wales Cycle and Marathon Tenby

The lovely town of Tenby in Pembrokeshire plays host every year to one of the most difficult triathlons in Wales. The Long Course weekend takes place over three days and involves swimming a distance of 2.4 miles on the first day, cycling 112 miles through the undulating (a poetic way of saying damn hilly) countryside around Tenby on the second, and a full marathon on the third.

A staggering 6,000 competitors from 46 countries take part in the event, many of whom take part as training for the Ironman Wales challenge in September, so there are some very serious athletes involved.

The Welsh Guards fielded two teams for the second and third stage. The first consisted of three very gallant members of the Catering division of the regiment, Sgt Samantha Lewis, Cpl Tracey Montgomery and Cpl Julian Morris who took to their bikes for the cycle stage and completed 83 miles of the course before they received a penalty for not completing the first distance within the allotted time.

The second team consisted of 6 members, LSgt Samar Budhathoki, Cpl Gurung, Sgt Gurung, LCpl Lyndon, LCpl Price and LSgt Anderson who undertook the very arduous marathon over a very hilly terrain. It was a tremendous effort from the team, and they are much to be commended for their effort, dedication and valour.