About WG100

Welsh Guards and the WG100

WG100 is taking place between June and September 2015 in 19 different countries; by the end of the project over 200 soldiers and  a host of veterans and members of the Regimental family and will have completed a marathon.  Participation by anyone who has a connection with the Welsh Guards is positively encouraged – there are so many ways to get involved with WG100.  Details can be found on the ‘How to Apply’ page.

WG100 was conceived to pay tribute to the achievements of the Welsh Guards and all those who have worn the distinctive leek cap badge over the past 100 years, thereby tying in with our other Centenary celebrations.  We are retracing the steps of our forebears; running marathons and conducting battlefield tours  in all of the places in which we have fought and served.  We will also acknowledge our roots with a Wales leg which will celebrate our Welsh heritage.  Not only will we honour our forebears with sweat and blisters, we will also educate the current generation of Welsh Guardsmen about the achievements of those that have gone before.