Ex WGs Will Kevans and Mark Lewis complete the Fan Dance.

A challenge with the unlikely name of Fan Dance evokes alluring images of a Salomé–type dancer rather than what it actually is – a gruelling 24km race over two sides of Pen y Fan, the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons, and a notorious training route for Special Forces hopefuls.

More information about the Fan Dance it can be found here…

BRECON-TEAMNothing daunted two ex WGs, Will Kevans and Mark Lewis, accompanied by ex Para Peter Hook, completed the gruelling ascent last Saturday (30th May), having accepted the challenge set by Martin Topps as part of WG100. They are all in their 50s, so it is no mean feat to have done it at all. They set out at 10.30, and completed the route by 4.30.

All three men fought in the Falklands – Will and Mark together in 4 platoon 2 Company. Since they left the army, Mark has worked as an engineer, Peter is an English teacher, and Will has worked as an cartoonist/animator and singer/songwriter . If you have visited the Welsh Guards Museum in Shropshire, you will have seen a sample of his work, namely the mural of a WWI battle scene.  He has also written – or rather, drawn – a book about his experiences in the Falklands campaign “My Life in Pieces – The Falklands War”.  (The profits from the book are being donated to the charities Combat Stress and the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal)

An article about his work can be seen here, in which Prince Harry expresses great interest in the book :

It is wonderful to see the challenges set by the Welsh Guards 100 initiative being taken up by past as well as serving members of the Welsh Guards, and we hope that many more will be inspired by the example of Will and Mark and others – of whom more news will follow.